Blue Ridge products are designed with the highest security assurance available in their respective classes. In addition to links to the latest software, the product documentation available below helps administrators and end-users get the most out of our products.


EdgeGuardDocumentation Software
EdgeGuard BL (Boot) (v 2.2)Release Notes 
EdgeGuard VL (Virtual) (v 2.2)Release Notes 
AppGuard DocumentationSoftware
AppGuard (v 4.1) (email support only)Purchase
BorderGuardDocumentation Software
Management Console (v 5.1)System Setup Guide
BorderGuard Client (v 3.3)Release Notes
BorderGuard 5000 Firmware (v 7.4-30)Release Notes
BorderGuard 6000 Firmware (v 7.4-30)Release Notes
Compact BorderGuard Firmware (v 7.4-30)Release Notes
BorderGuard RemoteLink DocumentationSoftware
RemoteLink 5 Quick Start GuideQuick Start Guide
RemoteLink 10 Quick Start GuideQuick Start Guide
How to Update RemoteLink FirmwareUpdate Instructions
RemoteLink 5 Firmware (v 3.2.3-1) Firmware
RemoteLink 10 Firmware (v 3.2.3-1) Firmware
U-Boot (RemoteLink 10) Boot Code (RL-10)


Export Information – The software you are requesting contains cryptographic information (data encryption) that is subject to export controls under the Export Administration Act.  The software cannot be exported, including downloading over the Internet, outside the U.S. or Canada unless explicitly permitted by an export license or license exception.  Please contact us if you have any questions with regards to export matters.