Data Center Protection
Cyberattacks Continue to Escalate

Blue Ridge cybersecurity solutions create very granular event logs that include endpoint per-process information.  AppGuard’s endpoint agent provides a perfect view of attempted attacks by malware that target vectors such as browsers, documents, Java and registry settings. The scope of this collected log data enables the generation of pre-compromise Indicators of Attack (IoA) alerts that can be used to identify new malware and attack behaviors. These IoA alerts are early-warning indicators of a prevented breach and are issued in advance of results from traditional breach detection systems that focus on identifying malware.

Other threat intelligence solutions collect data, Indicators of Compromise (IoC), after a compromise occurs.  These other solutions use post-exploitation analysis to attempt to remediate after malware has executed an attack.

Data Center Protection
Indicators of Attack (IoA) Without a Compromise Occuring

Data Center Protection
IoAs Identify New Malware

AppGuard provides much earlier IoA alerts without a compromise occurring. In real deployments, Blue Ridge alerted customers to the presence of zero-day malware where other cybersecurity products such as network breach detection systems (BDS), endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems, desktop protection suites (anti-virus, desktop firewall, etc.) and white listing products were not able to provide protection or detect new advanced attacks such as weaponized documents, file-less malware and in-memory attacks.

Data Center Protection
AppGuard Enterprise Dashboard

IoAs can be compared across online and offline endpoints to identify attack vulnerabilities and enhance other security measures to counter malicious activity. IoAs can also be used by organizations to create signatures of new malware and further enhance cybersecurity threat identification and vulnerability analysis.

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