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The Threat…

Viruses, botnets, phishing, and many other attacks from malicious software (malware) are an escalating nemesis. Malware has become increasingly adept at morphing more rapidly than even the fastest signature-based anti- malware tools – the zero-day effect – leaving enterprises critically vulnerable to cyber theft and malicious attacks.

“Targeted attacks often use custom-created executables that are rarely detected by signature-based techniques…One key to preventing their success is to focus on avoiding, minimizing or shielding the vulnerabilities they are exploiting.”
Gartner: Strategies for Dealing with Advanced Targeted Threats, John Pescatore, August 5, 2011

Traditional anti-virus protection and gateway appliance approaches are just not enough. They rely on identifying the signature of the attack leaving the enterprise unprotected until the attack signature can be detected and an effective defense deployed. Too little. Too Late.

Our Products…

...protect from damage occurring from any malware without requiring detection.

...stop zero-day malware attacks by ensuring that even unknown virus, botnets, and similar malicious code cannot execute even if the malware is on your system. the time you need for traditional signature-based anti-virus software to delete or quarantine the malware without fear of network compromise before this is accomplished.

Your Solutions!


Our individual user version can be downloaded and installed from our website to protect your home computer or personal laptop.

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AppGuard Enterprise

Our enterprise-scale solution provides endpoint protection from malware with policy enforcement and endpoint control capabilities for the IT administrator.

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