Session Isolation and Privacy

Our secure access products have been successfully deployed around the globe for more than fifteen years to provide secure access with privacy through public and private networks.

  • Provide secure network access to sensitive information for many thousands of users – without any reported breaches.  Ever.
  • Enable secure telework operations from uncontrolled fixed and mobile computers.
  • Provide secure access through the global cloud without fear of enterprise damage due to targeted cyber attacks or zero-day malware.
  • Enable secure access with privacy to critical information over any communications media.
  • Mitigate the direct and consequential risks and costs from network exposures when operating through the cloud from unprotected endpoints.


Secure Enclave
BorderGuards, EdgeGuard and RemoteLinks Enable Secure Access Solutions

Secure Enclaves in the Cloud:

BorderGuard controls access to the data center ensuring only pre-authorized access. BorderGuard RemoteLink extends this proven security architecture to offices, remote sites, and mobile centers to create trusted enclaves in the field. Learn more

Secure Remote Access:

EdgeGuard solutions provide secure remote access from PCs, laptops, and network access points anywhere over any private or public cloud. Our patent-protected Layer 2 session isolation solution ensures secure access even from unprotected, uncontrolled access points. EdgeGuard’s various form factors enable versatile usage regardless of endpoint environment. Learn more

Managed Security Services

Our comprehensive managed service secure network access solution to help you efficiently and affordably manage your IT costs.  Learn more