Why Traditional Virus Protection Approaches Fall Short

Attacks from viruses, botnets, phishing, and other malicious software (malware) are an escalating nemesis. Most anti-virus and gateway appliance protection approaches rely on detecting the malware, identifying its attack signature, and deploying a point defense to protect against it. The enterprise is exposed until this cumbersome process is completed which is increasingly ineffective against sophisticated malware threats which often adapt more quickly than even the fastest signature-based protections.

“Targeted attacks often use custom-created executables that are rarely detected by signature-based techniques…One key to preventing their success is to focus on avoiding, minimizing or the vulnerabilities they are exploiting.”

Gartner: Strategies for Dealing with Advanced Targeted Threats, John Pescatore, August 5, 2011

This leaves enterprises vulnerable to the loss of proprietary data, revenue, and reputation that results from a successful attack. Too little. Too late.

Our Solution Works!

AppGuard Enterprise provides the enterprise with a solution that stops malware other approaches cannot. It incorporates Blue Ridge patented protections to stop even unknown malware. In short, they manage malware – we defeat it!

AppGuard Enterprise can:

...protect from damage occurring from any malware without requiring detection.

...stop “zero-day” malware attacks by ensuring that even unknown virus, botnets, and similar malicious code cannot execute even if on your system.

...buy the time you need for traditional signature-based anti-virus software to delete or quarantine the malware without fear of network compromise before their job is done.

...protect the enterprise without crippling productivity or materially restricting user activities.

AppGuard Enterprise Features

Application Guarding Patented method that prevents the application and any executable or process that it spawns from altering critical operating system and application resources. The application’s internal activities are ignored, allowing it to operate normally.
MemoryGuard Prevents attacked applications from injecting code
MemoryLock Denies RAM Scraper malware access to the memory of designated applications, preventing theft of credentials, encryption keys, sensitive data, and web browsers session cookies.
Privacy Mode Applications guarded in privacy mode cannot read or write into administrator designated folders containing sensitive information without an end-user authorization.
User Space Protection (H) Only guarded applications are allowed to launch from user-space (location on a computer where an end-user without local admin rights may save a file).
User Space Protection (M) All applications in user-space can launch, but are automatically guarded and placed in privacy mode (see above).
InstallGuard MSI files cannot launch unless they are digitally signed by a trusted publisher (e.g., Microsoft, Adobe, Citrix, etc.)
MBRGuard Blocks all write operations to master boot record (MBR), defeating sophisticated root kit and other advanced attacks.
Enclaves Enforces a policy such that only one or more designated applications may access designated resources (can prevent  already infected computer from accessing and disclosing sensitive information)
TamperGuard Robust self-protection policies specified by administrators that prevent malware, hackers, and even end-users with local admin rights from disabling AppGuard, altering its policies, or uninstalling it.
Audit Mode Enables collection and review of processes that are occurring on end-points that may be unique to your base image and which AppGuard would have blocked. Enables customization.
Trusted Publisher Allows you to determine what applications may be allowed to run in your environment based on a pre-determined list of software publishers. Enables user controls without the risks.
PC OS Support Windows XP, Service Pack 3 and above (32 Bit)
Windows VISTA, Service Pack 1 and above (32 and 64 Bit)
Windows 7, Service Pack 0 and above (32 and 64 Bit)
Windows 8
PC HW Platform Support Min: 1.80 GHz 1.00 GB of RAM
Min: 10 MB free hard disk space

AppGuard Enterprise Architecture

AppGuard Enterprise includes an enterprise management system that enables an administrator to easily manage and control centralized protection policies. Our enterprise tools use out-of-the-box templates that eliminate the complexity usually involved in policy management and minimize administrative overhead. The system supports multiple location-oriented policies to provide enterprise protection from endpoint terminals accessing the enterprise network at work, on the road, or from home. In addition, the management system collects digitally signed audit logs no matter where the endpoints are located. The information in these audit logs provides endpoint visibility to support compliance activities or to aid in refining protection policies.

The AppGuard Agent deployed on endpoint terminals does not negatively impact user productivity. It is easy to install, unobtrusive, and uses little memory or CPU capacity. It does not interfere with end user operations or require end user responses or decisions in order to be effective.

Download AppGuard Enterprise Product Data Sheet: Download Data Sheet

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