Example EdgeGuard Solutions

Remote Access to Corporate Desktops.
Problem:  Employees require access to their corporate desktop from unknown locations, anywhere, any time.
Solution:  The Boot and Virtual EdgeGuard virtual desktop includes an icon for access to the employee’s desktop.  All work is done on the corporate network; no data will leave that network, and no malware will sneak in.

Government - Secure Thin Client Access to Logistics Data.
Problem: Government systems are moving to virtualized, thin client access.  Securing this access to net-centric logistics data systems while enabling efficient data handling is critical to maintaining accurate data that can support real time sustainment.
Solution:  Boot EdgeGuard’s virtual desktop is compatible with the new federal “thin client” systems and can be tailored to include lightweight data access applications.  These types of data access applications can be very effective with large logistics data repositories constructed using a star schema model for optimized performance and referential integrity while avoiding issues associated with foreign key constraints.  The combination of Boot EdgeGuard and its server-side BorderGuard appliance exist as a “ready to run” kit, creating highly secure connections that enable even “extranet” users to interact with these data systems with no risk of data leakage.  EdgeGuard’s special tunnel authentication ensures only approved users are able to establish an initial connection, which allows additional user credentials (e.g. CACs or derived credentials) to be securely presented to the target system.

Healthcare – Remote Access from Non-Enterprise PCs.
Problem: A healthcare company needs to allow a doctor’s personal computer access to its systems in order to review patient’s health records, x-rays, schedules, and other private medical data.  Since these are not corporate-owned and maintained devices, the healthcare company cannot guarantee that the doctor’s computer is malware-free and hardened to protect patient information.
Solution: Doctors using Boot EdgeGuard can use any convenient computer for access to patient information.  Once the EdgeGuard device is removed, the computer is returned to its original state with no trace of the connection left behind and the healthcare enterprise is safe.

Civilian Government – Extranet Collaboration.
Problem:  A Government agency must provide access to case files to a large number of attorneys, law enforcement organizations, and subject matter experts.  It is critical that no information is removed from the secure centralized data center where the digital case files are housed.
Solution:  Boot EdgeGuard enables “extranet” users to access case files.  EdgeGuard’s authentication ensures only approved users are able to get into the systems. Restricting data from being written to the device or even printed eliminates the chance of data leakage.

Safe Internet Browsing.
Problem:  Executives and other individuals need access to social network Internet sites from the corporate network, but these sites are blocked by the corporate firewall.  Facebook and YouTube are generally blocked by corporate firewalls to keep malware out and prevent data leaks.
Solution: Employees use Virtual EdgeGuard to connect to an offsite BorderGuard with unrestricted Internet access.  Employees can use the browser on their EdgeGuard desktop to securely access any website.  Malware cannot infest the device or the network, nor can it compromise any data on the host PC.