AppGuard Defeats Malware

AppGuard stops malware and phishing attacks, zero-day attacks, watering hole attacks, drive-by-downloads, ransomware, weaponized documents, and other undetectable advanced threats by preventing exploits.

AppGuard is the next generation of comprehensive endpoint protection. It stops undetectable endpoint threats from executing an attack. This breakthrough “prevent-and-report” protection is achieved with seamless integration of Blue Ridge patented isolation, containment, anti-execute, application control, and other advanced protection techniques. It defeats persistent threats and targeted attacks that intrusion detection, antivirus, whitelisting, sandboxing, and other traditional ‘detect-and-respond” approaches can’t and don’t stop.


AppGuard is compatible “out-of-the-box” with all Windows operating system versions, popular applications, anti-virus and other system maintenance tools.  Future variants are coming soon for other operating systems, smartphones, and appliances.


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