AppGuard is client security software for Windows PCs. Because AppGuard stops malware attacks that can be missed by signature‐based AntiVirus products, adding AppGuard to computers also running AntiVirus software increases their protection from malware attacks to nearly 100%.

Download AppGuard 3.5.

Current AppGuard Software

The latest AppGuard release is version 3.5 and has the following attributes:

  • File Size: 13.8 MB {Install File}
  • Release Date: September 27, 2013
  • SHA1 Checksum: f15383ccedee3eda5368917baf3ece19d0d68376

New Features in AppGuard 3.5

There are several new features in AppGuard version 3.5:

  • A “Message Info” dialog was added to the user interface.  Refer to Section of the release notes for more information.
  • Support for Office 2013 and Office 365 on Windows 8:  Previous versions of AppGuard were preventing Office attachments from being opened by Outlook 2013 on Windows 8.
  • AppGuard will connect to a Blue Ridge server to check for updates when it first starts and approximate every 24 hours after it starts.  If AppGuard fails to reach the Blue Ridge Server, it will not retry the connection until it is restarted (or 24 hours elapses).  Previous versions of AppGuard would retry the connection every 15 seconds until it was successful.
  • This version of AppGuard is compatible with Virtual EdgeGuard and the BorderGuard Client.
  • Privacy Mode is no longer set to “On” for all applications in the Locked Down Protection level.
  • Power Applications are now Memory Guarded.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP SP2+, 32‐bit
  • Windows Vista SP1+, 32‐bit, 64‐bit
  • Windows 7, 32‐bit, 64‐bit
  • Windows 8, 32‐bit, 64‐bit

Applications Guarded by Default

      Microsoft Outlook

      Microsoft Word

      Microsoft Excel

      Microsoft PowerPoint

      Microsoft Access

      Internet Explorer

      Mozilla Firefox

      Google Chrome

      Windows Media Player

      Adobe Reader

Files Not Permitted to Launch

  • Visual Basic Script Files (.vbs)
  • OLE Control eXtension Files (.ocx)
  • Batch files (.bat)
  • Command Files (.cmd, .com)
  • PowerShell script files (.ps1)
  • At.exe
  • SchTasks.exe

End‐user Help

Each agent features a built‐in Help module for end‐users.

Conflicts with 3rd Party Software

Please reference Section 5 of the release notes.